Welcome to Digital Marketing Broker

let’s see how far we can go…….

What are we about?

We are all about helping businesses save money and make the right decisions on all things digital. The primary focus is to help consumers avoid the problems and pitfalls that come with finding and hiring a good web design and digital marketing agency, freelancer or employee in an oversaturated, highly confusing and competitive industry.

Through our blogs, digital guides and monthly emails we provide a resource to enable you to ask the right questions and the answers to expect so you can know when you have found the best digital service and products for your business.

Not profit driven

The site is advertiser free. It is funded and run by Chris Needham. Any recommendations made by him are completely independent and based on his own detailed and specialised research. No commission or fees are received from any product providers who feature on the website.

Why create this website?

Chris said: “In my early entrepreneurial career I was one of the thousands of online business owners trying to find the right digital agency for my business, one that could offer value for money as well as results but, due to my lack of knowledge in this field, continually lost time and significant money again and again. “What are they not telling us?” I kept thinking to myself, “There must be a better way.” I waited patiently for 10 years for someone to show me…… !

Why and how do I fund it?

To answer that I need to explain my history so you can make a judgement as to the purpose and the authenticity of the site. The truth is that I accidentally fell into Digital Marketing because I couldn’t find an agency suitable for my own family’s online insurance business. On the basis “if you want something done, do it yourself”, I set about it. In the event, I was so successful at it that I ended up with my own award winning London based Digital Marketing business. As wonderful as that was it was not my dream or goal.

I recently married, moved myself, my wife and my business to the suburbs and I even got a dog. It just seemed the right time to be honest about what I really wanted to do and create my dream job. That presented itself as a need to find a resolution to the constant message that I was receiving after talking to new clients; that they really did not understand the ins and outs of digital marketing and, as such, had either been taken for a very expensive ride by unscrupulous agencies or I knew soon would be (a feeling I knew only too well). The idea of the resource site was born and with 3 years’ experience of being a customer trying to find a marketing agency and 10 years’ experience of being an award winning SEO Agency and Digital Marketer; I felt I would be best placed to provide it!

However, I cannot live on fresh air so I fund the site by continuing to work with my existing clients and taking on a very limited number of new clients. In time I would like to gradually reduce and then cease this aspect of my work and concentrate more fully on the information side of Digital Marketing Broker but currently, these fees help me fund the site.

The ultimate goal

I am passionate to make this site succeed and grow to become not just the largest but the very best it can be. So ultimately I would wish to offer not just the advice on how to identify the very best agencies but to provide a directory of the very best agencies and services that can offer real value for money. I could never undermine the credibility of the site so only those agencies that I had researched, spoken to and I was completely confident would provide true value for money would be allowed on the Directory. It will take time but I hope that as the site grows and expands to include new areas of digital marketing we can gain more interest and input from good agencies so we can start to work towards the directory that will ultimately make the website a “one-stop portal of free help, advice, information and resolution” to the Digital Marketing requirements of new business.

I hope that together we can make this the ultimate resource centre so entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners can spend their marketing budgets wisely on this hugely important aspect of their online business. So ask questions on the forum, read the blogs, sign up to the emails, even call me directly if I have not yet covered the aspect that concerns you but most importantly tell your friends and then let’s see how far we can go………