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My personal and business story …….
“Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.” – Gary Vaynerchuk 

My story

The truth is I accidentally fell into Digital Marketing because I couldn’t find an agency suitable for our family online insurance business and, like many other business owners, we went through the heart ache of losing thousands of pounds and many months of potential growth at the hands of different digital agencies.

I honestly felt I could do a better job so set about learning Digital Marketing!  It was a tough road and I made many mistakes, but after 2 years the family insurance business grew from 500,000 to 2 million annual turn-over due to that additional online digital marketing. However insurance was my families job rather than my dream so I took the Digital Marketing skills I had acquired and set up my own London based Digital Marketing Agency determined to offer a service that I had so wanted in those early days.

By 2010 my London agency was now an award winner and had grown to 5 staff and we were winning clients like World First Limited, NCP and Brakes Food Wholesalers who were all interested in successfully bringing their marketing in house, the same way I did with our family business.

During that time I noticed a pattern that was emerging.  Most SMEs were unable to follow the same process because they had previously worked with agencies that had not considered this approach. This meant that the SME’s website and marketing plan was not compatible to move in-house. Not a problem if the business did not want that; but if your business expands to the point that it is desirable and possible then it could not be done without huge complications and expense all of which could be avoided if the foundations are laid correctly.

After 6 years of seeing the same problem again and again and hearing from new clients their past experience with the lack of transparency and poor value for money, the idea of Digital Marketing Broker was born.  Whilst it may seem strange to leave a business that was already established to start up all over again, the time was right both personally and professionally to do it.

I had recently married, moved myself and my wife to the suburbs and even got a dog. It just seemed the right time to be honest about what I really wanted to do and create my own dream job.

I can honestly now say that Digital Marketing Broker is my dream job. It is one I feel passionately about because I had experienced first-hand the very issue I want to resolve and offer the sort of transparency and value for money that businesses should expect from their Digital Marketing Agency.

How DMB works

Finding agency’s is incredibly hard and frustrating as there are hundreds to choose from and on face value they all say the same thing and most of it is difficult to prove!  We remove all the worry and stress that comes with that by partnering with a very select group of the best web design and digital agencies across the country for a range of budgets, industries and technical skills that share in our ethos. Your access to them is absolutely free either through my finding one for you specifically or by use of our Digital Agency Finder.

All our agencies are happy to work in partnership with one another within the DMB community so you can be sure you are always working with the best digital partner as your business requirements grow and change.

We choose to work with small digital agencies because they offer the greatest value for the work they do and have a much more flexible approach. Often these are the very agencies you will never find as their marketing budget does not allow them to reach the top of the search engines but they often offer the greatest ROI.

Our selection process is very strict and no agency is allowed to join our recommended list unless they follow our ethos. For every agency we include we reject on average twenty other agencies.

If you wish for us to recommend an agency for your particular needs then please email or contact us or if you would prefer to choose your own agency from our Agency Finder, please mention our name and you will be given a bespoke campaign that follows our ethos.

I believe that digital marketing and web design is an investment, with us we make sure that your investment delivers the return you are looking for.

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