Our Story, Philosophy and Target Market

In 2006, FIUK.com Limited launched their own boutique digital agency after experiencing continual problems finding digital agents who did not continually over promise and under deliver for FIUK’s sister companies.

Although successful, the feed-back from their customers about previous digital marketing experiences was that information provided by similar companies left them confused as to who to believe, how much to spend and what were the best approaches to take; the bond between agent and SME was fast dissolving to both parties detriment.

From that, the idea of Digital Marketing Broker was born, to bring back transparency and good practice to the digital marketing field. The site was designed to help provide not just trusted digital services but comprehensive advice taken from the overall collective of trusted, authoritative digital experts.

The philosophy was simple.  Find the best digital partners, both large and small, across the UK, working as a community to pool their knowledge and skills, who would provide a trusted, transparent and quality service whilst delivering real ROI for SME’s.

We’re a team of Marketers, Leaders, and Advocates

Digital Marketing Broker is a community of UK wide digital experts who have come together to improve the overall standard of digital marketing and web design by offering comprehensive, authoritative and independent advice, through our online “Plain English” guides and articles, on a full range of digital services; covering best practice, market data, supplier selection, trends and innovation as well.

Our online Agency Finder is made up of hand chosen digital agencies of all sizes who share one thing, they belong to a community of digital thought leaders who want to not only offer the highest standard of digital marketing but also make a difference by offering collective advice and guidance drawn from their years of experience helping business owners succeed online.

We are not a directory of just any digital agencies, consultants or freelancers. Every new member is vetted by our team and must meet specific criteria, demonstrating a highly professional service with ethical standards.

If you wish to use any of our experts, you can find every member on our agency finder with our community member’s portfolio, reviews and company details to help you find the digital expert best suited for your business.