About Chris

Find out about the man behind Digital Marketing Broker

Chris has promoted over 2,000 websites and has worked and managed teams of over 200 people in all areas of Digital Marketing.

Originally a domain purchaser in the early 2000’s, Chris finished his degree in Business with a view to focusing his efforts providing effective Digital Marketing Solutions for SME’s.

He started working for his family online insurance company in 2002 and by 2006 their business had grown to an annual turnover of 2 million.

Chris then started SEO Masters, later to be called Wizer Digital, in 2006 applying the same technics he used to grow his own family business and soon acquired a listing in the “Who’s Who” young entrepreneurs book of 2008.

Over the next five years, Chris grew his London Agency to five staff and started working with larger brands such as NCP Limited, World First Limited and Brakes Group.

In 2017, seeing a gap in the marketing for helping SME’s find digital partners, he has decided to follow his passion that drew him to Digital Marketing in the first place by helping SME’s avoid the problems and pitfalls that come with finding and hiring web design and digital marketing agencies.

Chris still manages his own clients but has decided to only take on a very select number in the future so that he can commit to this business.

His dream is to be able to help SME’s across the UK, avoid the problems he experienced with his own SME business.