Should I hire a lead generation expert?

Tom, Tolworth

Thank you for the question Tom and it’s a great question because of the parallels hiring a lead generation expert actually has with the entire ethos of Wizer Digital.

The fact is that a lead generation expert that delivers fresh leads to your business that turns into sales at an affordable price is pretty much the absolute ultimate dream.

In my opinion finding a person like that would rank up there in life changing pivotal moments as finding the person you want to marry, discovering gold under your floorboards or scoring the last-second goal to win the championship.

Basically, it’s a big deal!

I have hired 3 lead generation experts in my time to help promote my business and unfortunately, they would rank up there in life changing pivotal moments as a pigeon relieving itself on your face, stepping in dog mess and opening a rather large tax bill.

Why I say it parallels with the ethos of Wizer Digital is because we want to help people cut through the sales talk and there is no one more full of sales talk than a lead generation expert.

However, all is not lost as I am simply laying the ground work and managing expectations here.  Yes, you should hire a lead generation expert but on the proviso of a few rather important and unshakable guiding principles:


Do not choose a cheap one

If you have never hired a lead generation expert before then you will need help and guidance and if you hire cheap, trust me you will end up do most of the work yourself trying to organise them.


Keep totally engaged in messaging and campaign development

Lead generation experts expect you to know your customers exceptionally well and will expect help refining searches and targeting potential customers.  Get serious about knowing your customers and help your lead generation expert create the right messaging that targets their wants and needs.


Understand the lifetime customer value and work from that calculation

Why most SME’s go cheap for lead generation is because they calculate the acquisition value instead of the lifetime value.  This is the wrong stat and you will find your budget pressed up against the wall if you do it.

If you are a new business then this is quite difficult as you may not have thought about the value of the customer over a period of time, but if you haven’t, use your best guess, or even ask people who do similar work.  It will make you feel a lot better.


Recognise that you are starting an experiment that can take months to find a solution too

There is no “one size fits all”.  You are starting an experiment to see what works and what doesn’t and this process is going to take time, is going to be frustrating and is going to be expensive.

Do not go into this approach dangerously short of a generous budget as you will only be left disappointed and poorer for it.  See this as a starting point that needs to be improved and give your lead generation expert the time to understand what he or she will inevitably do wrong and provide them with the space to try and fix it.

I hope this helps answers your question Tom and helps you on deciding whether to hire a lead generation expert of not.


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