Why you need AdWords if you are an SME

First, what is AdWords?

Adwords is effectively paid advertising, where you pay for every click that a visitor makes when going through to your website. It can sometimes be called pay per click for that reason. The best example of AdWords would be Google, who run their AdWords by showing multiple paid ads when you look for a service or product online.

What are the benefits for small businesses?

1) Taking the plunge is a good thing

One of the most important things a business should be concerned about is whether the product and/or service you are selling is resonating with your “core customer” and they are happy enough with your messaging, price and credibility to buy from you.

You want to make sure that the pages on your website are saying the right things and that is why AdWords is so perfect for small businesses because it allows you to know that straight away by targeting customers for keywords that ensure they are ready to buy. If customers are not buying from you at a stage when they should be buying, then you know immediately that you need to make changes.

2) Helps with SEO

Everyone knows that you can do keyword research and come up with a long list of keywords with what seems like incredibly high monthly visitor numbers. It’s very exciting to think that with just a little investments you can reach literally thousand upon thousands of new visitors. So, if you are taking that route in the future then before you spend your money on SEO you can use AdWords to validate whether the keywords you are going to promote online are actually going to work.

In AdWords, it is very simple to run a campaign cheaply and get a ridiculous amount of data that can save you thousands of pounds in the long term.

By using Google AdWords and even appearing very low down on the list (the lower down you are, the less you pay) and still learn the following:

• All the keywords and phrases available that could be used for SEO
• Which keywords and phrases (actually) get traffic and how much
• How much each one of the keywords and phrases cost per click
• How competitive those keywords and phrases are (ranked 1-100)

By being a little smarter and taking this approach first, you can really plan your SEO approach better by focusing on the keywords and phrases that may be expensive with high search visitor numbers and advertising through AdWords on the ones that don’t.

Now for anyone that thinks this might be a little unethical as you are using Google Adwords to get valuable data and then potentially leaving them then don’t worry. Google wants you to do this. If fact they have purposely made it more difficult to SEO experts to get accurate data to drive you to AdWords, so please don’t feel bad.

3) Get immediate sales

There’s nothing that makes a business owner happier than making sales, and by starting AdWords, you get a direct route to generating more sales for your business straight away. Yes, you will have to pay for advertising, but if you spend £100 and you make £200, then you really can’t complain.

4) Help you understand your target market better

Google AdWords can be linked to Google Analytics means that you can know your customers a lot better and start refining your website towards the target marketing you wish to sell to. With Adwords, you can even refine your advertising to location, gender, age and time of day meaning that you can continually improve on the volume of sales vs the amount you pay.



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