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Following my own frustrating experiences with digital marketing agencies over many years, and the lack of any help from anyone not actually pushing their own digital agency,  I decided it was time to provide a non-profit driven resource to help others cut through the confusing digital marketing sales talk, show them the pitfalls to look out for and how to solve the problems they throw up along the way.

My aim is to help you understand how, with the right information and the correct agency partner, you can have control of your website and, if that is your aim, take much of the digital marketing in-house making it more viable and cost effective.

This resource will be as “all encompassing” as I can possibly make it but it is a monster and needs constant feeding. So if you cannot find an answer to a particular issue then please feel free to call me, or let me know via email, so I can respond to it and make sure it is added for future reference!

Whilst the goal is to give you the tools to find and work with the right digital agency, there may be some who do not have the time or resources to complete the necessary work themselves but want a digital marketing agency that believes in the same values as DigitalMarketingBroker.

Like a mortgage broker, we help SME’s find the perfect digital marketing expert that suits their business, budget and requirements.

This is a FREE service for SME’s and we provide expert advice throughout.

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One of the major issues we find is that some agencies do not notify their customers when they are “treading water” because your business has moved on beyond the capabilities of your existing agency; at this point.

I, therefore, offer a service where I can help monitor your existing or chosen digital agency, not just for completion and quality of work but also to ensure, when the time is right, that you are offered the opportunity to move onto the next level if you have outgrown your existing agency.

It is also helpful, should there be issues, to have someone else who can shoulder the burden of sorting it out!  There would be a small monthly fee to take over this role but it ensures that your digital marketing is progressively moving forward in the direction you want and growing proportionately with your business.  If you are interested then please call me to talk through your requirement, there is no obligation whatsoever to go further if you choose not to.  In some instances, I may actually suggest it is not a good move at this stage!

All good digital marketing must start with a high-end digital marketing ready website that is built and designed to allow you control of it and ensure it is ready for all and everything that you will need to move your business forward online.  It’s all about getting the foundations right!

I passionately believe in giving SME’s the best chance of excellence and that begins with a website built with your company’s growth front and centre. If your website is not designed to be flexible, to adapt to changes both within your company or outside without the requirement to virtually rebuild it every time, then it is of no use to you. If it is ready, your business is ready and has no boundaries for online growth.

We provide high-end digital marketing ready website for the lowest price in the market today.  We make sure that every website we build is geared towards making sure you are ready to launch your business online.

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We have created digital strategies for some of the largest companies in the UK but believe for SME’s it is about keeping a digital strategy clean, clear and concise.   Our strategy documents provide online businesses with clear goals and objectives to work towards based on short, medium and long terms goals.

For companies that wish to do their own SEO/content marketing we provide a unique opportunity to train members of your team to run their own blog outreach programme which can dramatically increase your rankings in Google and save you considerable money compared to hiring an agency.  No technical experience required.

We work with a number of agencies to help improve their rankings in Google/Bing.  If you are an agency, we provide the lowest cost in the market place today and have connections with over 1,000 industry specific blogs and online publications.