Need my help?

Following my own frustrating experiences with digital marketing agencies over many years, I decided it was time to provide a non-profit driven resource to help others cut through the endless digital marketing sales talk, show them the pitfalls to look out for and how to solve the problems they throw up along the way. My aim is to help you understand how, with the right information and, if needed, the correct agency partner you can have control of your website and take much of the digital marketing in-house making it more viable and cost effective.

This resource will be as “all encompassing” as I can possibly make it but it is a monster and needs constant feeding. So if you cannot find an answer to a particular issue then please feel free to call me, or let me know via email, so I can respond to it and make sure it is added for future reference!

Ultimately I want to be able to provide a database of website and digital marketing agencies across the whole of the UK that share my ethos and whose aim is to allow customers to control their own websites as standard whilst at the same time providing the correct and appropriate support for your company. This is a long ongoing process that has already started.

There may however be occasions where this site makes your head spin or there’s no way you have the time or resources to complete the necessary work yourself. If that is you and you actually just want a digital marketing agency that believes in the same values as me, then please get in touch and I will find you a partner that suits you and your company. I will be totally honest at this point and say that I would ask a small commission fee from the agency but if that is not forthcoming it would in no way prevent me from recommending them to you if I felt they were right for your business. Any commission would not affect your costs to them and no fee would be paid by you to me.

Should you need hands-on assistance, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs on a one-to-one basis and come up with a plan of action together. Should the need arise you might ask me to attend your offices and work with you for a small consultancy fee and/or start you off with a website that has everything in place for marketing and monitoring purposes going forward.