What is the #1 problem businesses find when advertising on Facebook?

Trevor, Redhill, Woking

Thank you for the question Trevor, and funnily enough, I can answer this question in a sentence.  It doesn’t create sales!!!

Now before any of you decide to take offence to that rather simplistic response, let me throw in a caveat.  There are reasons why it doesn’t create sales, and if you change your approach, it can work for you.

Most businesses think that by advertising your business on a company like Facebook, you will improve your exposure and therefore that exposure will result in leads and sales.  That is not true.

For many of my customers who have tried this approach on their own in the past, a large majority of them have always been disappointed to extremely disappointed.

The reason is quite simply.   Think for a minute what your potential customer is doing when your advert appears on Facebook.  Probably in front of the television, waiting for the bus, or scrolling through their friend’s profile.  As horrible as it sounds, you are effectively invading someone’s space at a time when they are least likely to be interested in what you have to say.

None of your potential customers has gone onto Facebook to buy your product and even if they want to buy your product they are probably not going to do it now.  Not while waiting for the bus.

So very simply, if you are going to advertise on Facebook, you must stop thinking that you are advertising in an industry related magazine and be more creative.  As far as I see it, you have only two cost effective ways.

  • Create a guide or some other form of lead magnet that will compel people to make a quick, emotional decision and exchange their email address for something of great value.
  • Create some content that your customer may find interesting and is happy to “like”, or leave Facebook to visit your website for and then include retargeting.

That’s it.  If you can create a strategy whereby you can test your messaging to create those two goals then you are onto a winner.  Best of luck Trevor.


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