Our Agency/Freelancer Review Process

We ‘re not like other agency-finders or freelance websites that solely rely on customer reviews to provide a measurement of trustworthiness and success. We use a more meticulous and scientific approach to finding the perfect digital partner for your SME business.

Our process focuses on a detailed agency questionnaire, in-depth analysis and interview to better determine the strengths and weakness of each agency and how they provide the greatest value to particular digital marketing and design disciplines.

We take a deep look at the results they have achieved, using thorough evaluation methods; and analyse all of our agencies ‘ previous work, categorising them clearly to give an independent view of which agencies best suit our consumer’s needs.


Every agency must complete our detailed questionnaire explaining the processes, pricing structure and sector(s) that they specialise in.

We ask general and specific questions about the agency ‘s business model and the types of SME clients they work with regularly.

Based on these findings, we compile a list of the best agencies to move onto step 2.


We ask each agency to give us an example of the clients they currently work with that best represent the work they do.  We ask for:

  • Price
  • Industry
  • Digital marketing discipline
  • Average budgets
  • Timeframe

Once we receive the business name we do an analysis using our reverse tracking methodology.

What is reverse tracking?

Reverse tracking is when you can see all the past work performed by the digital agency for a particular client.  Using reverse tracking we can see every step that agency has taken to improve the design, conversion rate or online exposure of their client.

Our reverse tracking process includes the following software:

  • Arhive.org (web design)
  • Ahrefs.com & SEMrush.com (SEO, content marketing, keyword research)
  • Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter (Social Media)
  • Alexa.com (Analytics)

This process can take between 20 minutes to 3 hours. The highest performing companies based on the results of this process move onto step 3.


We like to get to know the agencies we ‘re recommending well. In addition to helping SME ‘s, we want to give small digital agencies the chance to specialise and excel in certain areas of digital marketing and design. This allows them to do things they wouldn ‘t normally be able to do due to the expensive marketing costs.

Do you know how much it costs to appear in the top 3 positions on Google AdWords for the following terms?

(Statistics are taken from www.semrush.com)

  • £7.90 per click for Web Design Agency
  • £20.53 per click for SEO Agency
  • £7.68 per click for Social Media Agency
  • £10.04 per click for Content Marketing Agency
  • £58.57 per click for Pay Per Click Agency

Forbes magazine talked about the problems Digital Marketing Agencies face in an incredibly competitive industry and the difficulty of saying “no” to a client even though they may not be the best agency for the task.

At Digital Marketing Broker our interview is based on improving the industry. We do this by working only with agencies that are open and honest about what they can do for their clients. We make sure that any recommendation we give is the best for your business.

Once the interview is complete the agency is added to our agency finder.

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