What’s the best website builder for running my own small business?

Carol – Kingston

Thanks for your question Carol and I believe we have had a few similar questions around this topic.  Right, how can I put this?  I know you are thinking of doing some of the marketing and website management yourself so read this very carefully as, of the many options available, the answer will apply to your intended aim.

For companies that are serious in any way about growing their business online please,  for the love of God,  do not choose a “build your own website builder” like Wix or Squarespace etc.

Yes, I know they are free (or at the very least incredibly cheap) and yes, they do come with a lot of great designs and “wow isn’t it so easy to put the website together in the advert”, but, and this is a huge Kim Kardashian but, if you ever decide to make your website more than just a place to add pages and you actually want it to perform a technical task then you will find yourself out to sea without a paddle.

In fact, if you wish to do any further marketing developments, tracking, improve design features, anything, really anything, you will find that your ambitious mind will have to grind to a halt unless you are willing to take the inevitable horrible decision to rebuild your website again.

These build your own website builders have been created to satisfy a market and if you have entrepreneurial ambitions then YOU are NOT that market.  Local carpenters, tree surgeons, they are the market, you are not

For me it is and, unless something dramatically changes, will always be, WordPress.

I have listed a couple of reason below to help convince you.  By the way, hard as it may be to believe, I take no commission from WordPress for this recommendation, I just think it’s the best.

It’s free (kinda!)

The WordPress builder is actually free.  Like “the internet” the people that created WordPress offered this template builder free of charge, which they refer to as an open source.

What this means is by making the system free and also allowing developers to add functionality to any WordPress website, is has grown to the most used template builder in the world with a staggering 25% of all websites built in WordPress.

Even some of the largest companies in the world use this service including Nokia, Ford, ESPN, Marks and Spencer and Harvard Business School.  In this particular case free definitely does not mean cheap.

Its safe

Its no surprise to anyone that their website could fall victim to hackers.  With WordPress you can get incredibly impressive safety measure that can change and adapt to not only the current hacking problems but with any coming up in the future because WordPress regularly updates its security.

You can also purchase either a free or a paid plugin (like an app on an iPhone) which you can easily add to your website and set up in minutes.

Easy to use

There is no business in the world that should be happy that their website is more complicated to run and manage than it should be and, for WordPress, it is universally known that it is easy to use and manage content on.  For the customer that is great because it saves time updating the website (time is money people) and for the designer and marketer it allows them to make changes quicker and more effectively.

Mobile Friendly

When you use another website builder there can be slight complications with making the website mobile friendly. Making your website mobile friendly is important because it allows you to remain high in the search engines (Google is penalising websites that aren’t mobile-friendly) and also means that you can make your mobile customers journey through your website very enjoyable.  WordPress is fantastic for this as it allows you to build the website in a way that it can adapt and change to fit any screen size.

It’s future proof

If you have just started your first online business then this part may not seem important to you but if you have a business of three years or more it probably means you having experienced the dreaded website update which means that you need to update your entire website to keep up to date with all the technical and stylistic changes that go on in web design.  Remember web design is one of the fastest moving technologies in the world so updating your website is a matter of “when” not “if”.

With WordPress you know that the website builder is only getting better and when you update your website, if you have built it in WordPress, you can do so easily and simply without having to go through the horrible task of building your entire website from scratch again.

It’s great for Digital Marketing

WordPress is simply brilliant for Digital Marketing, whether you wish to do simple SEO on your website to complex content marketing, social media and analytics based marketing strategies. No other website builder save your more time in creating pages, setting up your email marketing automation and publishing content automatically through your own website.  If you are a company who has a limited budget (under £2,000 a month) you can easily save 10-20% by using WordPress over another website builder.

Gives you greater control

By using WordPress you are in a much better position to be able to learn how to run your website content and also your digital marketing.  There are hundreds of free tutorials available and, with a little additional training, a member of your team can learn how to be a content marketer or a landing page designer through WordPress.

By taking more control of your website and marketing you can work in partnership with your digital agency, leaving them to work on the more complicated matter like improving your sales and conversions and leaving you to manage content, images, video and marketing.

Every business owner wants more control of their business and WordPress delivers on that count.

Saves you money

Running your online business is one of your greatest expenses so having systems that can allow you to easily add cutting edge marketing and tracking tools as well as great design feature saves you money.  It’s very simple.  As a marketer, you want to focus on the things that matter which is sales and conversions and being able to create pages more easily and embed tracking tools with the click of a button is fantastic.  Using Word Press has saved our clients’ money and allows us to deliver greater results.

It’s easy to set up goal tracking

Goal tracking is quite simply giving your marketing objectives a goal to tell you whether the marketing has worked or not.  You may think that the proof would be in the increase of sales your business makes, but for businesses that have more than one marketing route then it’s important to know which one worked, how much it made and if there just needs to be some improvements instead of abandoning the idea entirely.  With WordPress and Google Analytics you can set up simple goal tracking and discover which areas of your marketing is working, why and what improvements could be made.  This is by far the most essential thing your website needs to be able to do.

I hope that answers your question Carol, now armed with this information set off to find a web design that focuses on WordPress.  I might know a few by the way.



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