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About us

Originally an award-winning Digital Agency that also believed their responsibilities extended to supporting their client’s transition to moving digital marketing and design in-house.

We have grown to a community of digital experts who understand their role in helping businesses take back control at every stage of the digital marketing and design journey.

Our services

Accelerate your online growth with our tailored training solutions.


Learn digital marketing

Learn the technical aspects of digital marketing and design so that you can run your digital marketing and design like an executive working for a digital agency.

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Manage digital experts

Manage your digital marketing and design like a digital agency. Set tasks, create worksheets, develop strategies and learn the latest project management and digital software available.

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Hire digital experts

Learn how to hire digital marketing and design experts like a digital agency.  Create job boards, interview questions and task sheets to help find full-time employees, contractors, agencies or freelancers.

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Some of our clients


Our story

In 2008, FIUK.com Limited launched their own boutique digital agency after experiencing continual problems finding digital agents who did not continually over promise and under deliver for FIUK’s sister companies.

Although successful, the feedback from their customers about previous digital marketing experiences was that information provided by similar companies left them confused as to who to believe, how much to spend and what were the best approaches to take; the bond between agent and SME was fast dissolving to both parties detriment.

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