Our Vision

A recent survey, taken from LinkedIn, states that 83% of would be buyers say that strong thought leadership content had dramatically increased their trust of an organisation and is critical in determining which companies they want to learn more about.

For business owners looking to find digital agencies for their next big project, then Digital Marketing Broker is the only digital agency finder that understands the statistics and qualifies an agencies suitability, based on the only factor that can be accurately and fairly accessed, which is the agencies thought leadership content.

Our vetting process makes us the leading agency finder in the market. Potential customers are in no doubt that the agencies we recommend are the very best at what they do because of the time they spend educating the wider audience on best practices, innovations and costly mistakes that help business owners become more successful online.

Our vision is to help businesses achieve greater success online by helping them avoid the expense, wasted time and disappointment normally associated with agency finders using questionable data points when categorising and promoting digital agencies.

Our Story

Our Founder and Managing Director is a former company director of a successful Digital Agency with over 10 years’ experience working in the digital marketing industry and five years previous experience hiring digital agencies for his family’s online business.

On both sides, he experienced and saw first-hand the questionable processes applied by some digital agency finders.

Amazingly, these practices are quickly justified and condoned as an unfortunate but vital necessity in the ultra-competitive and confusing digital marketing space; but over time they have made it almost impossible for companies to be confident in their choice of digital marketing experts, to the detriment of both.

Now, with DMB, digital agencies can be categorised fairly, allowing business owners to know who they can trust and feel confident that their digital marketing campaign has the greatest chance of online success.