Our Story, Philosophy and Target Market

For many SME’s, the options for marketing their business online fell into two distinct categories:

1)    Learn digital marketing yourself

2)    Hire an agency or digital expert

In fact, our founder, Chris Needham was placed in the same dilemma in 2003 as a small business owner who needed to market his insurance company online.

Knowing nothing about digital marketing, he first chose to hire an agency.  The digital agency he decided to work with had the most awards and the best portfolio, but the results never came.

After 12 months he grew frustrated and decided to learn online marketing himself but due to the generalised nature of digital training available found the process incredibly difficult and time-consuming.

Frustrated and exhausted he decided to create a third option.

He devised a plan to ask digital agencies/freelancers if he could hire them but instead of just receiving monthly reports, they would be open and transparent with how they ran their marketing procedures so that one day he might be able to run and manage the digital marketing himself.

Many agencies were reluctant to work that way, but after weeks of phone calls, he finally found digital partners willing to trial this service.

Very quickly he noticed the incredible benefits of this new approach.  Where before he would not understand how the budget was being spent, now, he was able to organise and structure his budget into far more productive and cost-efficient way.

He was able to save money for less technical tasks and re-invest his budget in more productive forms of marketing, structuring his website in a way he understood and learning specific digital tasks to save himself unforeseen design and marketing costs.

Quickly, his online business changed from a struggling one to a market leader in the insurance industry.

He did not have to worry about learning generalised digital marketing and design technics. Instead, he was able to learn marketing specific to his business requirements, at his own pace, choosing to hire and manage the best digital experts for the tasks he was not able to do.

In 2008, our founder created his own boutique agency providing the type of service he wished was available when he was starting to market his insurance business online.  Today, that company has grown to become Digital Marketing Broker, a national service which helps companies to broker better relationship with their digital experts with the end goal of moving all digital marketing and design in-house.

Why choose us, getting started

DMB is the world’s first digital marketing brokerage, helping businesses with under £2,500 per month marketing budget find, hire and manage the best digital experts.

Although we cover all types of online business requirements, our core objective is to help struggling online businesses achieve their marketing and design potential online by training them how to run their digital campaign as if they were running a digital agency with a client list of one.

No matter what size of business you are, your skill level or budget we can save you money, achieve greater control and deliver a better ROI for your digital marketing and design needs.

We have many options available for businesses, and as an introduction to our service, we would like to offer you a free 2-hour hiring consultation that can make an immediate impact on your bottom line.

This can include:

  • Assessment of your digital marketing and design requirements
  • Overview of which freelance websites/digital experts to use for specific tasks
  • Guidelines on how to find right local and national agencies for your business
  • A list of personalised questions to ask your next digital expert
  • Guidelines on how to cut through the obligatory sales talk
  • Guidelines on how to improve the relationship between your digital experts moving forward to save money, improve ROI and gain greater control

If you feel at the end of our consultation that we offer value to your business, we can also create a management training proposal highlighting how you can get greater control over your marketing and design campaign with a view to moving all your digital tasks in-house over a period of time.

We are not a group of pushy salesman; you are not obligated in any way to use our service after our consultation.

We believe that as soon as we show you the fantastic benefits available using this approach, it will become evident as to why this is the right path for your business to take.

Remember, this business was created because we know how difficult it is to succeed in digital marketing and design and we are here to help.

Sign up today for your free 2-hour consultation.