Our clients are SME business owners who have used digital agencies in the past for their digital marketing needs but have felt let down or even ripped off.  They may not have enough experience to fully understand how digital marketing works. They may also be need time to further understand the difference between a truly talented digital marketer that can really make a difference to the success of their business, or a “good” digital marketer that will go through the motions achieving very little in the long run.

Clients may need advice, guidance and reassurance initially, given that they have already been let down in the past, but fortunately they are willing to try again once they trust us.

Generally, our clients have price points for Digital Experts that are intermediate, meaning they’re between £40 and £120 per hour.  They’re willing to spend between £600 and £10,000 per month on marketing and between £1,500 and £40,000 on web design.

Our own experience

So this is a conversation that actually happened with our founder Chris Needham after providing a new potential client with his web design proposal.

Founder:  So the price of the website design will be £2,500 + VAT

Customer:  That seems really high.  Have you heard of Fiverr.com?

Founder: Yes

Customer:  Well, how do you explain that?

Founder: Explain what?

Customer:  That you’re happy to charge us £2,500 + VAT and people on Fiverr.com can build a website for £200.

Founder:  Well, it’s called Fiverr, meaning it started as a company selling things for only 5 pounds and has grown, so I’m not sure I need to justify the standard of work I do with the very cheapest service in the marketplace.

Customer:  Look, I’m not trying to be a pain, it’s just you need to meet me somewhere in the middle.  I am happy to pay over the odds, say, £1,800 + VAT.

Buy cheap, buy twice

Let’s get this out in the open; sometimes cheapest isn’t best.  The digital marketing journey can be a long and windy road and if your intention is to always pay just over the minimum price and hope to get results you are sadly likely to end up disappointed.

Once you’ve agreed a price you’re happy with, don’t forget to thoroughly engage with your digital experts and provide plenty of guidance on the work you need doing. Make sure you completely understand throughout what is being completed and what you have actually paid out for.

Expecting your digital expert to understand the market immediately, like some Mystic Meg figure, is likely to mean costs are going to skyrocket so keep them informed and make it a two-way street.  Communication is key.