Whether you have experience working in digital marketing or not, at DMB, we teach you how to run your digital marketing like a digital marketing agency, providing digital marketing and design training programs that are tailored specifically to your skill level, time constraints and budget.

All our training is either 1-2-1 or in a group, and our flexible pricing means you can pay an hourly, day or weekly rate.

Who benefits from this service/training?

  • Start-ups looking to save money on specific digital marketing and design tasks
  • Small businesses looking to incorporate aspects of their digital marketing internally
  • Small/medium sized companies looking to transfer all marketing and design in-house in manageable stages
  • SME’s looking for greater control over their digital marketing

What can you learn from specialising in your training?

  • Learn how to ensure a smooth transition from your current digital agency
  • Learn the best processes that make the most significant impact on your business
  • Learn how to save money on tasks specific to your business
  • Learn how to structure your campaign correctly to make the process more manageable
  • Learn technical components specific to your digital marketing campaign
  • Learn how to avoid pitfalls and problems
  • Find competitive advantages specific to your digital marketing campaign
  • Learn the fundamental principles specific to your digital campaign
Some of the training we provide

Digital Marketing Training

Understand the vital digital specialities from mobile and social media to email, PPC and SEO.  Each training guide is tailored specifically towards your businesses goals and objectives.

Search Marketing Training

Understand how to use search effectively to drive targeted customers to your website or mobile application.  Specialise in content marketing, inbound marketing or SEO and create strategies that provide long-term growth for your businesses.

Social Media Training

Understand how to distribute your content effectively on Social Media. Focus on the Social Media platforms that matter and create strategies based on analytical data, testing and research.

Email Marketing/Subscription Training

Understand how to run your online businesses newsletter, lead magnet or email marketing campaign effectively.  Learn how to set up, manage and run your monthly campaign using platforms tailored towards your goals and objectives.

Website Training

Understand how to turn your website into a marketing and sales tool.  Learn how to structure your website effectively, create content, change the design and use customer data to drive more leads and sales to your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

Create your own Digital Marketing Strategy with short and long-term goals and objectives.  Create research and testing tools to validate your findings and create campaign outlines and KPI’s to deliver the greatest ROI for future digital marketing budgets.