We set the standard in training businesses on how to manage their digital marketing and design like a digital agency.  Our courses are tailored to suit your specific needs offering business owners and staff the opportunity to save money, achieve a greater ROI and grow their businesses effectively by managing skilled digital experts.

All our training is either 1-2-1 or in a group, and our flexible pricing means you can pay an hourly, day or weekly rate.

Who benefits from this service/training?

  • Business owners and staff that want more control but do not have time to learn the day to day digital marketing and design tasks
  • Business owners and staff that want to learn how to save money on their digital marketing and design
  • Business owners and staff that want to spend more time developing strategies and managing budgets to achieve a greater ROI

What can you learn from specialising in your training?

  • Learn how to set up processes and manage team’s specific to your business
  • Learn how to manage your budget better, finding more cost-effective routes to market
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and problems
  • Learn how to find competitive advantages specific to your business
  • Learn project management and analysis tools to automate your tasks and communicate better with your team
  • Learn how to set up monthly reports and monitoring tools to keep your team on track
Some of the training we provide

SEO Marketing Management

Organise your SEO like an SEO agency.  Create tasks, audits and goals for your SEO team to work on, develop strategies and manage your budget to deliver the greatest ROI.

Content marketing/inbound marketing management

Manage all your content like a content marketing and inbound agency.  Develop your strategy, structure your website correctly, communicate better with your writing team, create tasks, audits and goals and automate your content distribution to save you time and money.

Social media management

Manage all your social media activity and accounts like a social media agency.  Hire your team, develop your strategy, manage your budget, understand what type of content works on social media, create tasks and goals for your team and track clicks, visitor activity and sales.

Paid advertising management

Manage all your paid advertising channels, hire team members, learn how to create and manage PPC landing pages, develop your strategy, understand what types of paid advertising work, test different personas and headlines, manage your team to improve conversions rates and set actionable targets, create monthly tracking and reports.

Web design management

Build your team of graphic designers, web developer and web designers and manage them using project management tools for small tasks or big projects.  Understand how to keep the standard of work high, while keeping the cost low.