We offer free membership to top digital agencies.  It is of paramount importance to keep the quality of our membership high as the businesses that use DMB have “probably” been let down before by previous agencies and are looking for people they can trust.

Please note that once you have completed your membership sign up and before you are accepted, we ask for two clients you have previously worked with so that our team can reverse track your work to understand the quality of your service and where you are best placed on our agency finder.

The only dues for membership is your willingness to help improve industry standards and participate in our monthly two-minute questionnaire designed to provide a collective opinion regarding best digital marketing practices.

In return, you will receive the following:

  • Free leads 

    Any leads generated from the website will be totally free to our members.

  • Appear on our agency finder

    Join our agency finder as one of our recommended agencies.  Each agency will have their own agency profile page that can include portfolios, case studies, reviews and company information.

  • DMB membership award

    Receive our “Trusted Agency” award for your own promotional purposes.  Let your clients know that you are eliminating bad digital marketing practices from the industry.

  • Contribute to our blog for free

    Receive your own author admin to add relevant and insightful content on our blog for free.  Every agency bio has a link to your own agency profile page, your website and all other content created on our DMB website.

  • Work with like-minded experts

    As DMB grows, agencies can create lasting partnerships between specialist agencies allowing each agency to pitch for larger projects as a collective.