Setting the right SEO Goals

Here is a list of the kind of SEO goals your SEO agency could provide you above and beyond the generic. ‘Get you to the top of Google’ objective.

When choosing your SEO agency or indeed once you start working with one, it’s important to have an agreed set of goal to work from.  All too often companies have been focused on just getting to the top of Google for their top keywords without understanding that it is a journey that has many different paths.

Some paths are quite narrow and dangerous but can get you there quickly; where others are green, rewarding and plentiful but take a lot longer.

So here is a list of SEO goals that your SEO agency could be predisposed to so you know they are going down in the right direction.

Who’s this guide for? Anyone who is considering an SEO campaign and needs insight into what ‘s involved and an understanding of the objectives that should be agreed with the agency managing their campaign.

The golden rules

So here is a list of SEO goals to consider when discussing your campaigns with your SEO agency.


Find the most relevant link building opportunities from your competitors

A good SEO agency should be able to find the complete link profiles of all your web competitors and from that information compile a list of linking websites where your site could also appear.

Understanding the type of SEO approaches your competitors are using is an incredibly quick and easy way of unearthing opportunities for yourself. It also helps you understand the level of budget required achieve a similar ranking to them.


Only provide me with links that will generate traffic for me straight away

To stop the potential risk of being added to linking websites that do not benefit your rankings, you can ask to only to be added to websites that will generate web traffic for you straight away.

It is relatively easy for agencies to monitor your web traffic using Google Analytics. It records and displays all the traffic you receive per page of your site, so you can instantly see if they are doing a good job. However, this is time consuming and a relatively expensive pursuit. But because you are doing proper marketing and supporting your SEO agency to put your business in front of customers, it’s a great way for the SEO agency to feel energised and for you to combine PR with your SEO.


Improve the current ranking for my top pages

If you are a business currently stuck in the mud and your main pages are not ranking as well as you would wish, then ask your SEO agency to focus on improving the ranking for those pages alone.

A good agency will look to create new content on those pages and have a strategy to regularly add additional content. They ‘ll look towards creating links specifically to a page and try optimising the page even more.

You will then be able to track the additional traffic that has been generated from their accomplishments.


Improve my domain authority

If you are looking to achieve great rankings in google and other search engines, you are generally told to create great content on your website. That is fine but by doing that alone, especially in competitive industries, there is little chance of moving up the rankings until your site has a strong domain authority.

Ask your SEO agency to spend 6 months on simply improving your domain authority.  By focusing on this element alone you can make sure that the standard of work is consistently high.

How high should my domain authority be?

This all depends on your competition.  Ask your agency to list the DA of your competitors and agree on an achievable grading within a set time frame.


Fix all technical SEO issues on my SEO Audit

These days there is no need to pay for an SEO audit document and there are many agencies and companies that create tools which can deliver this service for free.

A good example would be SEM Rush which can provide you with an SEO audit in 5 minutes and can reveal the following:

  • Duplicate content
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Low word count
  • Broken Links
  • Slow page load speed
  • Missing title tags
  • Missing meta description
  • Missing h1 tags
  • Wrongly attributed nofollow links
  • Images with empty ‘alt’ tags

If you are unclear what any of this means then don’t worry, as once you have received the report you can show it to multiple agencies or freelancers to seek the best price for the work.

Once the work has been completed, you can run exactly the same report again to check if the work has been done to your satisfaction.

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