Choosing the right Facebook marketing and design agency

47% of digital marketing campaigns are unsuccessful

Discover the simple tricks that help you know you are getting the most from your digital agency

Who’s this guide for? Anyone looking to find a reasonably priced Facebook marketing and design agency and wants to know the pitfalls and problems that can occur.

What is Facebook marketing and how has it changed over the years?

What started off as a simple program, “Facemash”, rating photos of two people as hot or not. Today it’s the biggest social networking website in the world with 1.86 billion active users.

Why is Facebook relevant?

  • It’s the second most famous website in the world after Google
  • 1 in every 13 people on earth is on Facebook
  • Facebook, from being just a social networking website has successfully turned into a news aggregation website. 48% of young Americans said they read their news through Facebook

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook Marketing is the art of promoting a company ‘s brand, service or product on Facebook by using various techniques.

The sheer number of users on Facebook makes it one of the best platforms to reach a target audience.

Thanks to Google ‘s constant updates, SEO has become unpredictable over the years.

This led to the digital marketing professionals turning to mediums where they at least have some control over the promotions they do.

Facebook, by virtue of the large user base, was the chosen one to provide an alternative to SEO.

Why is choosing the right Facebook marketing expert important?

Talk to any social media marketing expert and I can guess the first medium they ‘ll suggest using to promote your brand is Facebook.

However, the popularity of Facebook has led to a plethora of “Facebook marketing experts” flooding the social marketing space and unfortunately marketing on Facebook can be frustrating, difficult and costly.

On the one hand, there is a land of opportunity with an incredibly large user base to promote to. On the other hand, targeting that large user base also requires a huge budget with a number of elements that need to be right before you can see a positive return on your investment.

And finally, although Facebook has its own tracking, it cannot track your sales and leads, which let ‘s face it, for an SME, should be the sole purpose of your advertising there in the first place.

Facebook requires campaigns to be run optimally, i.e. every single penny spent on Facebook must be used smartly or else you could lose sight of the target.

A “bad” Facebook expert might ruin your campaign ‘s budget or fail to put in the proper tracking from the initial exposure of your brand to the desired outcome.

I have lost count of the number of times people have used Facebook marketing to discover they had a lot of clicks but practically no sales.

47% of digital marketing campaigns are unsuccessful

Discover the simple tricks that help you know you are getting the most from your digital agency

The golden rules – before you hire a Facebook Marketing Company

Before you hire a Social Media Company you must remember to follow a few Golden Rules.


Every Facebook campaign starts with “likes”

I ‘ll be upfront with you. I don’t like pages which have less than 1000 likes for a simple reason. They ‘re not worth the time. I don’t want my Facebook wall taking feeds from a page which is “so new” in the marketplace.

My Facebook wall reflects what I follow, what I like and what I do. Hence, a new irrelevant brand is not worthy of my Facebook page.

What I wrote above is the common thought process used by many Facebook users before they decide to like your page.

Bottom line is you should buy facebook ads before you decide to go full throttle with your campaign. Facebook users would still prefer to click on the like button when it shows directly on their page rather than go to a separate page to like it.

Always allow a decent sized budget to get some initial likes on your page.


Complement your online Facebook presence with offline presence

How well is your Facebook page advertised on your off-line branding? Is your company ‘s business card carrying your company ‘s Facebook link? How about your visiting card, company ‘s address board outside your office, etc. Think of all the places where your brand is seen. Now make sure your brand ‘s offline presence complements your online presence and vice versa.

Facebook marketing will get a boost if the offline brand presence complements it.


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Ask the relevant questions before you select a Facebook Marketing Expert

  • Do you have any past case studies?
  • How did you build or establish the brand with your last client?
  • Challenges?
  • Failures?
  • How did you engage FB users?

Do not ask:

  • How many likes or followers can you get me in a week?
  • How can we get quick results?

The good ones will explain the process thoroughly and will be frank with you about their past work. The bad ones will focus on the number of likes and will promise you quick results.


Learn to use Facebook insights

Facebook is one social media platform which has a very easy to use interface to understand the performance of your brand.

Facebook Insights gives you a 360-degree view of your page ‘s users, the content they are responding to and the reach of the different types of content.

At the end of the day, Facebook insights ensure you do not have to rely “a lot” on your expert to explain the success of the campaign.

The numbers in insights say a lot about what works and what doesn’t work with your Facebook page.


Understand what kind of content works on Facebook?

In my content marketing section, we go into further details about the importance of generating content and why.  Firstly, we need to understand why users come to Facebook. Most users are there to have fun. By fun, I mean things like sharing status, pics, news, playing games, etc.

No one wants to like a page which is busy only talking about “themselves”. Trust me, the biggest mistake most businesses do is over promote themselves to the point of irrelevance.

The content for your brand ‘s FB page should be a mix of news, jokes, inspiration, messages, videos, etc. Do not shy away from sharing the good stuff on the internet. Even if it means sharing some content from a variety of other websites.

Facebook users, like all social media users, are suckers for good content. Even if the content does not originally come from your website, it can help promote your brand.

Your goal is for your Facebook page to earn a place in your user ‘s wall as one that provides relevant and interesting content.


Understand your user base

One of the biggest setbacks for any brand on Facebook is to see their campaign generate little or no interest from their user base.

One common mistake most of the brands make on Facebook is not understanding their users. A kid ‘s brand needs Mommies as users, not dads. A lingerie store doesn’t need teenagers as users. The message is clear; “Know what you are promoting and to whom you are promoting”.

In the content, promotion and user-reach campaigns, everything must link to your user base. Do not waste your time and energy by being too generic.


Understand the difference in between hourly v/s monthly contracts

Facebook marketing involves different steps

  1. Page setup (one time)
  2. Content creation (ongoing)
  3. Promotions (ongoing)

There are companies which offer hourly contracts. They charge you for the number of hours they work on your project. I usually prefer to pay hourly only for experienced companies, after thoroughly checking the quality of the marketer that will be working on the campaign.

Fixed cost monthly contracts are another way of charging. Since social media marketing takes time, there are experts who charge a monthly fee to save the customer the effort of understanding the finer details of what they do and how they do it in “x amount” of time.

The second package is ideal if you don’t want to go into the finer details of what you’re being offered.


Understand the signs that your agency is underperforming

  • When 1000+ page likes do not even lead to 10% of users talking about the page
  • When the content posted on the page has no link to what your brand does
  • When the contact us button on the page barely gets clicked
  • When the likes on the page see a sudden surge without impacting the page interaction
  • If content is published without keeping the time zone of the user in mind

These are all worrying signs.


Spend your money more wisely

  • Clearly explain your expectations to the Facebook expert you hire, i.e. whether you are running the campaign for a long-term gain, short term product launch or simple brand awareness. This simple exercise will save you a lot of money and time.
  • Spend money on getting good content made.
  • Take regular updates from the expert you hired for the job and map it to the insights report. You can get the report any time from the Facebook page. Ask the tough questions before it’s too late.
  • Initial likes on Facebook and Instagram will require some initial investment in the form of FB Ads. Don’t shy away from running a Facebook ad campaign to get some initial genuine likes.
  • Even if you’re paying hourly, don’t lose track of the end goal and budget. For example, if you’re running a FB Page to make sales, there’s no point in continuing a campaign if you haven ‘t had enough sales after the estimated time.

For monthly fixed cost projects, understand very clearly what ‘s being offered to you. Usually, agencies have same-size-fits-all packages. Ask them to customise the package to your requirements.


A Facebook campaign is incomplete without a proper website

Your website needs a Like us button and a section to show the Facebook feed. Also, all the promotions you put on your website need to link to the FB Page. Do not let your Facebook campaign run in isolation.

Put your best offers on the FB page as an incentive to get traffic from your website or offline onto there.