Graphic design mistakes

If you are choosing a web design agency or indeed you are getting your website built.  Please look through our guide to the common graphic design mistakes that you could make.

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Who’s this guide for? Anyone who is considering employing a graphic designer and needs insight of  what it involves as well as an understanding the common problems and pitfalls to look out for.

The golden rules

If you are choosing a web design agency or indeed you are getting your website built.  Please look through our guide to the common graphic design mistakes that you could make.


Don’t choose an agency with a slider image on the home page

You should never choose a web design agency that has a slider on its home page because studies have shown that sliders are not good for a website usability and conversion rates.

slider graphic design agency mistakes

With few exceptions the use of sliders will demonstrate that a particular web design company is not up to date with latest research so you should give them a wide birth.


Not spending the time away to really understand your design brief

One of the most common graphic design mistakes occurs before projects even get started; it revolves around the designer not understanding what ‘s required of them in the first place.

In most cases it’s due to a poorly written creative brief or a breakdown in communication between the designer and the client.graphic design brief

Whatever the situation may be though, it is impossible to receive great work if the designer doesn’t fully understand what is expected of them.

Fortunately, this is also an easy mistake to fix. Always provide in-depth details about each and every aspect of the project, especially when it comes to things like your ideal customers and the key messages intended to attract them.

Good communication will ensure that the project goes smoothly so never hesitate to ask for additional feedback.


Not telling your agency to spend money on your images

One of the most common issues with bad web design comes when web design companies decide to use images taken from free stock photo library websites instead of stumping up the cash themselves to purchase those that can really give your business an emotional connection with your customers.

Always enquire where your agency found their images and ask for advice on whether it is a good idea to purchase guaranteed exclusive usage of the images so that you can protect your brand down the road.


Not telling your agency to spend money on your fonts

A large portion of graphic design relies on a web design agency selecting the right fonts to convey a particular message. Choosing the right typography can make the difference between a beautiful or just an average looking website and potentially creates a huge positive affect when advertising your brand.

I ‘m not suggesting you go overboard with your typography and fonts but there is also a world outside of Ariel or Verdana etc. Ask your designer to choose paid fonts, or at least provide a selection choice of paid fonts to pick from.


Making poor colour choices

Colours can stimulate and excite people, increase their appetite, make them feel warm or make them feel tranquil, so choosing the right colour to best reflect your business can be a very important decision.

poor colour choices graphic design

Before you design your logo, research the type of colours that best reflect your business and best compliment your website, then put that in your design brief. As an example, green can suggest health and prosperity where red is considered a high-arousal colour.

This is especially important if you are spending less than £100 on your logo. If you save money on a cheap logo, you may then find that the colour choice has compromised your website designer ‘s ability to create a satisfactory colour theme for your brand. It’s false economy not to spend the time and money on the best logo you can afford.