Landing Page Design Agency Advice

What exactly is a landing page? If you look it up online you’ll probably see lots of different explanations, which can provide you with a bit of a headache.

A common misconception is that a landing page is every page you “land on” after clicking a link.
Well, that’s just not true. A link can lead you to virtually every kind of page and I can assure you most of these pages are not landing pages, just web pages.
A landing page is indeed a page that you “land on” (or simply visit) but it’s defined by two features:

  1. It’s created to persuade the visitor to give out some information about themselves (such as email) to continue with the marketing
  2. It exists solely to fulfil a single function – like promote a product or a service, or offer the users something for free to build a relationship.

The main purpose of a landing page is to convince the user that there are benefits of using your product or service. It should make it easy to purchase the product via a user-friendly experience. They are essential for any marketing campaign.

There are three different types of landing pages:

  1. Landing pages that are dedicated to selling one single product.
    These landing pages are created to warm up the customers to the idea of buying your product (also known as click-through pages. They usually lead to another page with the option to directly buy/order the product).
  2. Landing pages that are dedicated to informing you about a certain product or service
    There are usually pictures and/or videos about it, testimonials and short descriptions about the quality of the product. People usually “land on” these pages through email marketing campaigns and their goal is to warm the users to the idea of purchasing the product. They have call-to-action buttons like “Learn more about it”; “Products and pricing”.
  3. Landing pages that offer something for free in exchange for personal details otherwise known as a lead magnet
    It’s usually nothing more than a name and email, but these are the strongest weapons in the hands of an online marketing guru. In return people usually get goods such as free ebooks, online guides, free webinars, free trials and many more.

So where can you go wrong with landing pages? Keep reading to see how to avoid the biggest mistakes that will turn people away.

47% of digital marketing campaigns are unsuccessful

Discover the simple tricks that help you know you are getting the most from your digital agency

Who’s this guide for? Anyone looking to find out about Landing Page Design Agencies and wants to know the pitfalls and problems that can occur.

What is landing page design and how is it different from web design?

The main difference between a landing page and web page is that the landing page is built in order to fulfil a single purpose: promote a product, convince the customers to sign up for something or warm them up to the idea of buying your product (also known as click-through pages).

While the regular web page might have a lot of call-to-action buttons and different links, the landing page consists of information about one thing and one thing only – a single product, available only through a certain call-to-action.

Its job is to pick up information about the visitor and convince them to buy or perform another action.

Why is choosing the right landing page designer important?

The landing page design is a lot like regular web design, just with a more specific skill set.

They should be focused toward guiding the user to your intended goal. In other words, it should transform a casual visitor to an active client of yours. To achieve this, your designer should be able to build the landing page to perfectly reflect your service or a product, in such a way that it convinces the user to want to use the product.

Why is landing page design so important for an SME?

Landing pages are fantastic for SME ‘s as they are relatively inexpensive and can act as the main focus towards your online marketing.

Imagine a visitor clicking on your online ad, only to discover themselves on your home page or generic online store. How many people do you think will click-off through frustration?

By focusing your landing pages on one specific action you are in a much better position to start making improvements (through tracking) that can greatly increase your sales.

Landing pages have been proven to work, so it is merely a case of doing them correctly and providing your customers with clear and concise actions so that they know what their intended next step is.

What if my landing page doesn’t work?

There is always room for improvement but with landing pages, you can add an awful lot of tracking that can tell you the “why”. You can then make changes to improve your ROI (return on investment).

47% of digital marketing campaigns are unsuccessful

Discover the simple tricks that help you know you are getting the most from your digital agency

The Main Pitfalls And Problems – Before You Hire A Landing Page Design Agency


Not making your landing page standalone

A standalone page is exactly that STAND ALONE. It has no navigation bar or means to connect to your main website.

Now, while I understand that some businesses may want to have their landing pages as part of their website, if you have limited products or services you want to focus the potential customer’s attention on just a single product.

Why? Because in a nutshell it leads to more sales as there won’t be any distractions and the potential customer is more inclined to follow the process.


Be consistent in your design and your content

Just because you are creating a standalone landing page it does not mean that your customer will not want to look at the rest of your website. So make sure that you keep the same look and feel between ALL your different products and services.

If you fail to be consistent you may scare off your potential customer.

In addition, you may find that your customer wishes to purchase your item through your standard website process so make sure that any information you have on your standalone landing page you also have on your website.

Sometimes customers just want to feel reassured that you are a viable business and once they have that reassurance they ‘e happy to buy the product through your website.


Make your call-to-action clear and concise

Your call to action button should be the first thing your visitors notice when they “land on” the page. Don’t be shy about making it obvious that this is the action you want your potential customer to perform.

Make it as bright and big as possible (within reason).

If your call to action is to fill out a form, try and make the process as easy as possible for the potential customer. Many studies have shown significant increases in sales by removing some of the form fields that were deemed unnecessary.

The more fields you ask your potential customers to fill in, the more chance you have of your customers perceiving your business as asking for unnecessary information, which is never a good thing.


Not using the appropriate landing page software

It is always a good sign how popular a particular marketing process is when companies pop up all over the place offering just that one product. Oh, and haven ‘t we got a few for landing pages.

The most popular are and You want your agency/freelancer to use one of these companies because of the amazing benefits they have, namely split testing and tracking.

Unless you are a miracle worker, the chances are you will need to make changes to your landing page as time goes on to improve the ROI (return on investment). By having tracking already installed allows you to know who well you are doing and where improvements can be made and by split testing, it means you can run multiples of the same landing page simultaneously to see which ones deliver the best results.

Without using good landing page software this task can be cumbersome and expensive so ask your designer/marketing consultant to use the appropriate software to build your pages.

47% of digital marketing campaigns are unsuccessful

Discover the simple tricks that help you know you are getting the most from your digital agency

Handy tip: If you want to mention other services or products, do this after they filled in the form. This can be done with a simple message that’s going to be displayed after they complete the form.
There ‘s a good chance most users are already warmed up to the idea of using your services so they’ll at least look at the other product.

How to save money, how much to spend and how to save time

      • What are the best ways to save money?

        Include landing pages as part of your digital marketing campaign. They are a very effective way to sell products or services. To pay for online advertisements or launch an email campaign without having landing pages will be a waste of time and money.

      • Which areas should I be aware of that take the most amount of time?

        Landing pages should be part of a whole campaign. The most amount of time should be spent on research and making a strategy, rather than just designing the page.

      • What should I do first to make sure I pick the right digital partner?

        Pick an agency that has created marketing strategies. There are too many agencies/freelancers who know how to build a landing page, but have no idea what to do next. This is dangerous territory, so focus on finding a marketing strategist first and go from there.

      • What are the main pitfalls and problems?

        The biggest problem that can occur is if the landing page is built unprofessionally. Make sure you get the right team around you.

      • What can I do myself, if anything?

        If more than one agency/ freelancers are involved you should coordinate them very carefully. Remember, when you’re making landing pages, it’s vital to keep an eye on every step of the whole marketing campaign and always leave at least a couple of weeks as a buffer before the actual deadline.

      • What are the signs that my graphic design agency/freelancer is ripping me off?

        As always, it’s a good idea to receive an offer about every service they’re billing you for and check the prices online. You can also choose agencies with guaranteed results.

Golden Rules – before you hire a landing page design agency

Before you hire a landing page design company you must remember to follow a few golden rules.


Be consistent

Keep your message clear and consistent on all your online marketing tools (such as emails, banners and ads) and make sure your landing page is consistent in design (use the same elements, colours, logos and photos) and copy (use the same title and tagline).


Choose standalone landing pages

If you’re making landing pages as part of a bigger online marketing campaign, always make them standalone and focused on one product or service.


Happy user experience

Make sure that your landing page is designed straightforward enough and users don’t experience any trouble trying to navigate/use it/ fill in their personal information.


Keep it short

Yes, your product is great and if the user is not convinced by the first several paragraphs, they’ll never be convinced. You need catchy design, several pictures, some testimonials, and a short but clear description of your product.


Make your call-to-action obvious

Always make sure that your call-to-action button and/or form are highly visible and pop up enough. These are the most important elements on your landing page and your goal is to make the customer use them.

47% of digital marketing campaigns are unsuccessful

Discover the simple tricks that help you know you are getting the most from your digital agency